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   The Show

"It is precisely those who challenge most strongly who are the great exemplars of faith."


These powerful words by the late, great Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks zt'l inspired us to create this podcast and provide a platform for the Torah content we couldn't find elsewhere.


Why do some of the best and brightest Jews — our "Einsteins" — shun religious observance or abandon faith altogether? In our communities, there are many who do not find Torah to be compelling or relevant. We are facing the age of information, the OTD phenomenon, suppression of ideas, cover-ups, assimilation, skepticism, biblical criticism, charlatanism, atheism, and a slew of other existential threats.


If you're a Jew on the fringes and are unimpressed by apologetics or the standard arguments presented by the Kiruv world, Jewish education likely has likely left you with more questions than answers. As hosts of the show, we (Benjy and Benzi) aim to shed light on challenging topics that aren't usually discussed in yeshiva or shul settings. By cultivating long-form discussions with prestigious guests from various fields of expertise (such as rabbis, scientists, historians, ex-cult members, authors, and more), our goal is to ignite your passion for classical Jewish wisdom by providing in-depth conversations about the issues you — the viewer — ask us to address.


The only way to combat the wave of superstition and magical thinking that has come to dominate religious life, is through intellectual honesty and critical thinking. As 2 proud Sepharadim inspired by Rambam (Maimonides), we focus on classical tradition, philosophy, methodology, and returning to fundamentals. Welcome to and please join the conversation!


Torah for the sake of heaven.



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